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Sunday, February 20, 2005


New Features Added

I'm kind of a geeky tinkerer when it comes to websites and blogs. I've been wanting to implement a couple of new features for a while and this weekend, I finally got them in place.

The first is a categories and search feature. It's not as spiffy as the one that comes along with TypePad, but it's not bad. Takes a little more effort on my part, but it does what I want for it to do. So if you're looking for anything in particular here, you have two choices.
  1. Select a category from the pull-down menu. I've been as thorough as possible in tagging all archived posts.
  2. Click the Advanced Search button. This will take you to my customized PicoSearch page where you can search by any word or phrase you want.
The second feature is the one I'm most excited about. I've found a service that allows me to implement ratings on each of my posts. Why would I want this? I don't know for sure. My feeling is that there are regular readers out there who don't post comments (and that's okay, I do the same at some other blogs; we're called lurkers). But at the very least, I'd love to get feedback on my writings. While I write from my heart, it's gratifying and educational to know if what I write has impact on my readers.

A note about the rating service, IRate: the guy who is developing it is just getting to really putting some muscle into it for us bloggers. If you're interested in setting up a rating system on your blog, visit: Just please be patient as we work out some of the kinks.

**Mad Scientist Update**
(02/21/05) I've decided to take the ratings off the main page; it was severely impacting the load time for the blog. But each entry still offers the ability to rate it. At the bottom of each entry on the main page is a link that takes you directly to the rating area of the permalink.


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