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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

During a conversation with a friend of mine, she said, "The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference." That made me pause and reflect for a moment.

Loving or hating something, such as your work, means you care about it. You have feelings that are yours and can fuel your actions. If you love the work that you do, perhaps it's because it fulfills you, gives you sense of purpose, or connects you to others. Whatever it is, you are passionate about it in a positive way. On the other hand, if you find you hate your work, it could be because you're disappointed that it doesn't honor your values or makes you feel like you're less than you can really be. Again, whatever it is, you are passionate about it in a negative way.

The real problem is when you notice you are disinterested in your work. In other words, there's no passion, enthusiasm, or hope. You're just grazing through your day. A statement I hear frequently is, "I just don't care about [my company, my work, my profession...] anymore." Sound familiar?

Take some time to really feel what it is that you are doing. Give in to the ambiguity that might arise as different emotions surface. Give yourself the freedom to feel both content and pissed off with your work. If you're only able to feel pissed off, get out and find something else. It's better than the soul-numbing alternative of disinterest.

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