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Friday, January 14, 2005


My Oldest Baby Turns Six Today

I've been looking over past entries and realize I don't mention too much about my girls. I also realize that I don't really open up about my personal life in this space, either. This is rather silly considering that I have recently argued in other blogs for the need to integrate all facets of life and not compartmentalize. I'll do a better job of bringing all of myself to my writing here.

My oldest daughter, Leah, turns six today. As a human being, she amazes me at times with her intelligence, humor, warmth, imagination, (oh, how I could go on...). I had a meeting early this morning and couldn't be there when she woke up so I called when I finished, which was around 10:30am. I wished her a big happy birthday and then told her where the two of us were at that time six years ago. It's so distinct in my mind: I was giving Leah her first bath. We were in a room with a warm lamp (kind of like the ones they use to keep the fries warm at McDonalds) and I was gently washing off the birthing stuff. I remember how I didn't know whether to weep or laugh so I did a little of both. It was one of those unbelievable moments where life takes a bit of a curve. Being a new dad changed me and continues to take me to extraordinary places.

So tonight is the party complete with a sleepover for four other little girls. I'm not sure what my wife and I were thinking in going for the slumber party route, but it should be an interesting experience. Not as soul-affirming as that first bath, but hopefully something memorable. Wish us luck.

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