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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Is It Luck or Something Deeper?

I discovered this article on creating your own luck in career success and there were some ideas that resonated with me. Rather than viewing luck as a series of coincidences, Susan RoAne, author of How to Create Your Own Luck, believes it is a conscious pattern of thought: "People who create their own luck live large, remain open to possibility, and expect that good things will happen -- and they do."

Similarly, in Manifest Your Destiny, Wayne Dyer writes:
The process of creation begins first with desire. Your desires, cultivated as seeds of potential on the path of spiritual awareness, can blossom in the form of freedom to have these desires in peace and harmony with your world. Giving yourself permission to explore this path is allowing yourself the freedom to use your mind to create the precise material world that matches your inner world.
We have the ability to create what we want from our lives. We also have the ability to wait around for things to happen. The choices are all ares to make. What choice do you want to make today?

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