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Sunday, November 28, 2004


What's Your Voice?

I went on a rare date with my wife last night (those with kids understand the rarity) and saw the movie Ray with Jamie Foxx. I didn't know much about the life of Ray Charles and found among the film's themes someone pursuing his own voice. There's an interesting scene where Ray is beginning to record for Atlantic Record execs and starts to imitate leading artists like Nat King Cole. For Ray, this is what he thinks the record company wants. But what the record execs want is Ray...they want HIS voice and what he brings.

It was a reminder of something that can elude me at times in my own work. It's easy to imitate the work of already established voices. I mean, they're established because the world knows and likes what they are saying, right? But the world doesn't need one more person saying the same thing; the world wants a new voice. Continuing the thought of the last post, it may take time, patience, and courage for the world to understand that it needs this new voice. So, thanks for hanging out with me as I explore my voice and figure out what uniqueness I'm intended to bring to the discussion of careers, leadership, and organizations.

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