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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I'm Back...Global Work/Life Comparisons (Not What You Might Think)

I'm back after a short hiatus to fancy up the blog design. For those few souls out there who read this blog, any thoughts?

NOP World just launched its Culture Score (tm) Index, an interesting statistical survey of work/life balance throughout the world. Not surprisingly, Sweden came out on top as the most "balanced" with China right below it. Also, not surprising are the countries most focused on the "work" end of the equation: Korea, Hong Kong, Turkey, India, and Singapore round out the top five.

What is surprising is the fact that the employed respondents in the US spent more time at "play" (41.7 hours per week) than at "work" (38.3 hours per week). Perhaps I'm not interpreting the data correctly, but this seems to contradict some of the anecdotal data that makes it into our popular culture and media. Are those of us in the States living toward a better way of integrating our various work and personal roles?

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