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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


from FC blog...Leadership Lessons from a Greyhound Bus Trip

Lucas Conley at Fast Company posted an entry chronicling his recent experience of getting lost on a greyhound bus somewhere around NYC. When the driver finally admitted to his passengers that he was lost, a number of suggestions came from the backseats that helped the group find their way into Manhattan. As a man who has a difficult time admitting that I'm lost, I'm highly impressed with the driver's lack of ego in that circumstance. For leaders, it's a trap to believe that it's weak to let others know we're lost and unsure which direction to go and then allow others to help make decisions.

Lucas concludes with: "Teamwork, a common mission, a flexible leader who's willing to listen, a sense of humor... all from a Greyhound lost in Queens." Just goes to show that lessons in life and the workplace can be gained almost everywhere.

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